Today, everyone is online and if you are not, you are missing an incredible marketing opportunity. Not only is an online presence via a website important, a dynamic web presence is essential.  One of the first things people will do after meeting you and trying to decide if they are going to utilize your services is to look you up online. Your website should be easy to navigate, fun and informative.  It should be consistent with your branding including your colors, logo and style of other marketing materials.  Think of each web page and what you want to relay to your visitors.  Tell a story with your pages.  Give your visitors a full picture of what you do and give them a reason to contact you for additional information.  Make sure your home page is clear and organized and makes an instant great impression since it is the face of your website.

If you have an outdated website or it has become stagnant and needs a facelift, consider a re-brand where you freshen up the colors, style and content to address your business today. People form all kinds of opinions of your business without you realizing it.  If you have no website, people wonder whether you couldn’t afford one, you are too busy or you are not technologically inclined.  If you have an antiquated website, people will wonder whether your business is still viable, you are too busy or if you don’t have enough money in your budget to update it.
A branded website is essential – but…

WHAT ARE YOUR OPTIONS?  You can do-it-yourself—but you’ll need to:

• Choose a software program to build it.
• Create a design or pay for and choose from one of thousands of templates.
• Register a Domain Name.
• Make sure that the functionality and flow of the site is working.
• Find and pay a company to host the site and protect it with a Firewall so that hackers do
  not destroy it or worse, use it to infect your visitors.
• Make regular modifications to the content of the website to keep it fresh.

OR You can hire a designer—but you’ll need to:

• Find the right designer to design just what you are looking for in your website.
• Pay $15,000 or more for a highly professional looking website.
• Register a Domain Name.
• Make sure that the functionality and flow of the site is working.
• Pay the designer to make any regular changes to the site to keep it fresh.
• Find and pay a company to host the site and protect it with a Firewall so that
  hackers so not destroy it or worse, use it to infect your visitors.


PRISM can design, create, publish and host a professional branded website while you use your time to run your business.  We can also design a new logo and help you create a brand that will set you apart from your competitors!

Let PRISM help you reach the next level of success so you can Transform Your Dreams Into Dollars. 

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Here is what some of our website clients had to say about our services:


"Jeff Schuerman’s Personal Training Center has been in business for 10 years and the time had come to transform our company and take it to the next level.  We were in need of a face lift and a new image.  The team at PRISM listened to our ideas, studied our business and came up with a comprehensive plan for this desperately needed transformation.  We are very proud to be now known as SCHUERMAN FITNESS!  With the guidance of PRISM we have rebranded our company to include a fantastic logo, a snappy tag line and a professional website.   They have helped us to create a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page and all of the social networking training needed to use these tools to advertise our services and get our name out to the public.  Our facility facelift includes all new fitness equipment, new windows and a new sign for the front of the building bearing our new branding.  The PRISM team showed such passion throughout the entire process and they inspired us in so many ways.  We cannot thank them enough for bringing our company into the Twenty-first Century!!"

-Jeff Schuerman, Owner, Schuerman Fitness

 "As a professional services firm, our management team's time is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. We were struggling to find the time to work with our web developers on the construction of a new website when PRISM offered to help. They worked with our web developers to redesign our logo, propose content and oversee the successful completion of our new site. As a result, a project that languished for months was finished in days. We couldn't be happier with the results." 

-Albert Ruscitto, H.K. Campbell & Company 
"We could not be more pleased with the new city of Fort Wright website!  PRISM did a great job and we were happy to work with one of our own Fort Wright businesses on this project.  From start to finish, PRISM made the process seamless and efficient.  They were able to take an outdated and complicated website and turn it into something fresh and easy to navigate.  Citizens and local businesses, as well as those looking to bring their business to Fort Wright, can now visit our website and easily find the information they are looking for.  We have already received numerous comments on its great design." 
-Joe Nienaber.  Jr., Mayor, City of Fort Wright
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"We hired PRISM to create a new website for our international estate planning practice. Working directly with Jane Schulte, we were able to contribute our ideas while allowing her creative team to put together a professional and easy-to-navigate website. Jane’s assistance, patience, and tenacity in getting this project completed were key.  I am confident that had we gone anywhere else, we would have been allowed to procrastinate forever and the project would never have gotten done."

 -Keith Meyer, Partner, Kohnen & Patton, LLP
"Jane Schulte designed the website for my business. Jane is very professional, has an unlimited passion for creativity and was attuned to what I needed in a website. Taking the information I provided, Jane created a website that exceeded my expectations. The result of the website will be highly effective to my business. I would recommend Jane if you are looking for a win/win working relationship!"
            -Robert Evans, President, AARROWOOD Plants & Flowers, LLC 
 "I have been CEO of my own Consulting Firm for 20 years.  Our clients are some of the most admired companies in the world.  To succeed we have to work hard to understand their needs and exceed their expectation, if we are going to survive.  We have high expectations of the suppliers that work with us.  Jane Schulte and her team came to us with outstanding references.  We started the relationship with high expectations and they exceeded those expectations.  They did a great job, understanding our needs, collaborating with us to deliver the right solution and working with us after delivery to ensure that we were able to utilize our site to its fullest.  I anticipate using them again in the future and highly recommend them to others."
Click here to read a press release about the new Positive Message Music website!
         -Eric Ellis, Positive Message Music

"My farm logo and website were over 10 years old and in need of updating with a modern new look. Jane Schulte and I worked together to brainstorm new material for the website and ideas for the logo. Jane and her team of creative professionals took these ideas and created several new logos, website designs, and color schemes for me to choose from. The end result is a wonderful, new, eye-catching website that brought new business to my farm in the first two months. The logo is exceptional and has received numerous compliments. I highly recommend Jane Schulte and the PRISM team to any business to help with all aspects of marketing."  

 -Jennifer Graf, Wishing Moon Farm