Meet Michael. Michael is a sharp, prominent litigation attorney who decided to start his own practice. Michael’s success at his prior firm was highly acclaimed and he developed many clients. When Michael started his practice, he found out that, although he was an excellent lawyer and he knew a lot about business, he quickly began sinking in an ocean of details, problems, and eventually, small fractures in his business that started a downward spiral out of control. Michael began resenting his decision to go out on his own, and was embarrassed when anyone asked about his practice. His family life was suffering and he came to us out of desperation – his last hope!


Once Michael hired PRISM, we went through a thorough review process to help us understand his business as it currently stood and where he wanted to see it go. Then the PRISM Team partnered with Michael to cover all the bases from marketing and branding, human resources, accounting, employee management, technology and general operation of the firm. With our proprietary formula, Re-Build and Re-Brand, Michael began to see palpable results within a few short months. Together we implemented new processes and procedures which dissipated his high level of workday stress. Now, Michael has the time to market his practice and keep his eyes on the important details of his business development.

We still occasionally get a phone call or email from Michael and we jump right into help him solve his issue immediately. He is never without support from PRISM and he is currently operating a thriving practice!


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It is true that if you start a business, you will need to hire an accountant and a lawyer. However, piecing together advice from others you know, even if they are experts, is not a good idea. You should have a strategic team in place that serves your business as a whole – not as pieces of a pie. The truth is that there are so many details that are required to run a business, even if you could possibly think of each and every one, how will you implement them all? You may know how to produce the best product or service ever, but do you know how to be compliant with all of the ever-changing employment laws? Do you know how to create a brand so that when people see it, it evokes recognition and trust in your company? Do you know how to craft a well-written business plan? Do you know how to get the most bang for your buck with regard to computers, equipment and technology? Do you know when it’s best to outsource functions and when it isn’t? Do you know how to run a lean business and keep costs low while investing the necessary dollars to grow your business? Do you know how to create processes that are streamlined and efficient so that your company is productive and profitable? PRISM is ready to show you its proprietary processes, systems and business models that are tried and true – proven to be successful.