PRISM Title & Closing Services was born in May, 2006 with a core group of leaders spearheaded by Jane Schulte. 18 months later and with 52 additional employees, PRISM became remarkably successful by using a holistic approach to business success.
PRISM Business Advisors was spun off of PRISM Title as a natural progression in order to teach others how to start, grow and maintain a business that is successful beyond the wildest of dreams. In essence, the PRISM model worked and continues its success each day.

We have bragging rights! Here is our claim to fame: We …

  • Pioneered a new trail with a new business mindset
  • Achieved unheard of growth in a short amount of time
  • Made an impression on the local community as well as nationally in the default real estate arena
  • Made a big splash with social media , i.e. Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Built a unique company from the ground up and we want to share that experience with others
  • Have personally achieved all of the successes we teach
  • Built a brand and made PRISM a “household” name in our market!


We don’t give you lofty ideas or difficult to understand scenarios! We are a trusted and reliable partner who works closely with the client every step of the way with a well thought-out plan unique to each client’s specific business goals and dreams.